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Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is one of the world’s most successful authors. In this in depth interview, he explains his indifference to literary piracy, argues Sadiq Khan will be the next Labour PM, and takes responsibility.
Heidi Blake
Investigations Editor, BuzzFeed

Investigative journalist Heidi Blake argues we are in the ‘golden age’ of investigative journalism, and takes us behind the scenes of some of the biggest scandals of her career
Amy Bernstein
Editor, Harvard Business Review

Amy Bernstein, the Editor of Harvard Business Review reveals her predictions for the Next Big Thing in Business, defends the importance of embracing failure, and explains why Africa beats Apple.
Alastair Campbell
Political communicator and strategist

One of the architects of New Labour, Alastair played a pivotal role in Tony Blair's landslide victory in 1997. He talks about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of running the Prime Minister's media operation and gives us his view on the future direction of the Labour Party.
Sir Lynton Crosby
Political Strategist

Sir Lynton is credited with winning the 2015 UK General Election for the Conservatives. In this interview, he reveals the goings-on behind the scenes during the recent election, explains why he feels Boris has the skills to lead, and says why he thinks the Labour Party has now lost its way.
Bruce Daisley
VP Europe, Twitter

Bruce runs Twitter's business in Europe. He talks about their work to tackle trolls, the verification process, the legal challenges of differing censorship rules in multiple jurisdictions, and his plans to grow the business.
Perez Hilton
Celebrity Blogger

One of the biggest bloggers in the world, Perez explains what’s made “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website’ a success, and reveals his regrets over celebrity feuds
Katie Hopkins
MailOnline columnist & LBC presenter

Stalwart of a number of ‘celebrity’ TV shows, the right-wing firebrand is robustly challenged on her controversial views. Does she really believe much of what she says - or is it all to grab attention?
John Humphrys
BBC Journalist and Presenter

Having presented Mastermind for 12 years and the Today programme for more than 25 years, John talks us through his career, outlines a typical day on Today, and gives advice on how to survive his interviews.
Sir Trevor McDonald
Journalist and News Anchor

One of the best-known journalists in the UK, Sir Trevor has reported from some of the most dangerous places in the world. He condemns the media for an undue over-focus on 'balance' and reveals behind-the-scenes stories from his time on News at Ten, interviewing Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Nelson Mandela.
Cristina Nicolotti Squires
Director of Content, Sky News

Cristina makes the case that TV news is here to stay, discusses the importance of humanising tragic news, and reveals whats top of her to-do list for her new job at Sky News, as Director of Content
Isabel Oakeshott
Political Editor-at-Large, Daily Mail

Isabel gives her inside view on the Chris Huhne speeding points scandal, which led to his resignation and imprisonment and discusses life as a lobby journalist and political TV pundit.
Jacqui Smith
Former Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith was the first woman to hold the office of Home Secretary. Now a lobbyist and NHS executive, she describes being at the center of the expenses scandal and criticises the media for targeting women politicians.
Sir Martin Sorrell

Running the largest marketing and PR company in the world, Sir Martin describes how he built the business, offers insights into the current media landscape, and explains why he's worth every penny of his £60m pay packet.
Paul Staines
"Guido Fawkes"

Paul runs political blog Guido Fawkes, whose exposés have led to multiple resignations. He challenges the "cosy relationship" between politicians and lobby journalists, and discusses potential launches in India and Australia.
Mark Thompson
CEO, New York Times

The former Director-General weighs in on BBC’s challenges both past and present, reveals the demands on a Brit leading an iconic American newspaper, and attacks modern political language.
Jeremy Vine
BBC Journalist and Presenter

Jeremy's lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 is Europe's most-listened-to news radio programme. In this extended interview, he explains how his daily radio show works behind the scenes and has candid advice for ambitious would-be presenters.
Jimmy Wales
Founder, Wikipedia

Jimmy talks through Wikipedia's whole journey from inception to today, now with 270 million daily views and 40 million articles in 293 languages and shares his plans for WikiTribune, his new website to combat fake news.